Opioid drugs are the medication that needs to be prescribed by a doctor. Typically drugs need to have a doctor’s signature because they are considered a controlled substance. They are controlled because they can be dangerous and addictive.

It wouldn’t do to have opioid drugs easily available on a shelf when they can cause so many problems. Opioids are meant for pain relief, which can really be a lifesaver for many people. Dealing with pain can be hard. Morphine and fentanyl are often used on women when giving birth, and they are opiate or synthetic opiate drugs. That’s just one example of the good they can do.

How The Problem Starts

Opiates are prescribed regularly for a doctor for those who need short term or long term pain relief. The problem for a lot of people starts with those who have chronic pain. Prescription opioid drugs can help take the edge off of people with pain problems.

This can make it so they feel they can live their day to day lives. Over time though, the body grows used to the drug so more of it is needed for its pain relief effects. This is called tolerance. This can lead to opioid addiction.

When the body grows tolerant, the person using the drugs might start taking more. If the body grows dependent on the drug that is how addiction can start. If a doctor notices that their patient might be growing addicted to the drug then they stop prescribing it.

The patient needs pain relief of course, so they turn to alternatives. Some of those alternatives include heroin or other illegal drugs. It’s a cycle that is hard to stop because some people legitimately need these pain relievers, but they were not properly monitored or warned.

Heroin is an opiate derived from poppies. It comes in a powdered white form, which can easily be mixed with other drugs or substances that won’t be identified. This can lead to people overdosing just because they don’t know what they are taking.

Heroin can be injected, snorted, smoked, or even just inhaled. Heroin causes an immediate euphoric high, which is why it can be addicted. Prescription drugs do this too, which is what people might miss most about them.

The problem is that heroin can become very addictive and dangerous very quickly. People who are addicted will do anything to get high, even if it is damaging to them.

Over time opiate addiction alters brain chemistry. That is why they can be so dangerous. The brain is tricked into thinking it needs these drugs to survive, and if a user stops their body goes through withdrawal.

Withdrawal can be painful or uncomfortable and keep people from being able to stop using drugs even if they want to. The opiate withdrawal itself can cause strong bodily reactions that can be dangerous.

Opiate drug abuse is rampant in the United States. They are a highly addictive drug that can do damage to the brain and body.